Other companies have come and gone in the last 50 years, but we're still around.  We like to think it's because we've set consistently high standards for ourselves -- and just as consistently met them, job after job after job.

Because we employ highly-skilled and dedicated tradespeople, strive always to earn and uphold our reputation, and engage the experience that comes with over 50 years in the business, Grinker provides the most expedient path to the restoration of your building.  And, as insurance restoration work is our focus, we'll ensure that the process moves along smoothly.

Beyond words, here are some "real world" tests you can apply to our work:

Was the smell of the fire gone?

Did materials match so well that you couldn't see the transition from old to new?

Does it feel, once again, like the home you knew?

Sid Grinker is pleased to consistently deliver an answer of "Yes" to each of these questions.