This is a partial list of our references.  If you'd like to speak with individuals and/or organizations about us... just give us a call... we'd be happy to put you in touch. 

Clients Insurance Companies

Metropolitan Assoc.

Bieck Management

Holley Realty/Bartlein Property Management

OAK Properties

Eastmore Realty

Dan Katz Properties

Stewart. Management

Astar Capital Management

Cardinal Management

Team Management

Rosenthal & Assoc.

Northland Property Management

Stuart Properltes, Inc

Mandel Property Management

Gettleman Mansion/Avatar Associates

Ogden and Co

Westgrove Apartments

Siewert Development, Inc.

Reilly Joseph Inc.

National Church residences


Property Resource Management

JBJ Properties

AKO Enterprises

Affiliated Capitol Corp

Bryce P. Styza Companies / Harmony Realty

Trl Corp Housing

Eastshore Properties

Elite Management

Bernie Robbins Realty

Minkin Management

General Casualty Insurance

West Bend Mutual Insurance

American Family Insurance

Acuity Insurance

Germantown Mutual Insurance

Wilson Mutual Insurance

Church Mutual Insurance

Sentry Insurance

Badger Mutual Insurance

Cincinnati Insurance Company

Country Insurance

Erie Insurance group

Ohio Casualty group

Secura Insurance

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Company

GAB Robbins North America

Frontier Adjusters, Inc

Crawford & Co

Alfmark Services, Inc

Insurance Claim Management

If you're a homeowner, we have completed numerous projects in Southeast Wisconsin. We'd be pleased to connect you with people whose homes we have restored in those areas.