We thought you would might want to hear our customers' opinions, expressed in their own words...

Steve & Louise Gramling, Home Owners, Wauwatosa

Paul Mamerow, Property Manager, Milwaukee

Nancy J. Wuenne, Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance Programs, Inc., Chase Bank building

Michael J. Zaharias, Claims Adjuster, American Family Insurance



We chose Sid Grinker based on their concern for the integrity of our woodwork, plaster, and stained glass.  From the beginning, they showed great attention to detail in all areas of our 1920s house.

Steve & Louise Gramling



Even before we had made any commitment to his company, Mike Grinker saw to it that our property was properly boarded up.  The quality of the restoration work was excellent. Everything damaged in the fire was restored to original quality or better.

Paul Mamerow



Thank you for the excellent job you did in getting us back up and running after our unfortunate loss.  Everyone was a pleasure to work with and always took care of things when asked and even went above and beyond in many areas.

Nancy J. Wuenne

Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance Programs, Inc.,

Chase Bank Building


Please accept my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff for taking care of one of our good customers, and for making my job so much easier.  It truly was a pleasure working with you on this claim.

Michael J. Zaharias

Claims Adjuster, American Family Insurance.