Rave Reviews from Condo Association

We really appreciate that two different unit owners from this self managed association took the time to write and tell us about how well things went, and we’re really happy to have them back in their homes!

Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 1:03 PM
To: Mike Rankin <mikerankin@sidgrinker.com>; Mike Amstadt <amstadt@sidgrinker.com>
Subject: Poplar Creek Condo II Thanks

Hi Mike,

I wanted to send you and Mike Amstadt an official email of THANKS.

Our fire took place October 24,2015 due to careless use of smoking
materials. Its been a long year of planning, and restoration. Sid
Grinker did an excellent job of rebuilding our condo association
to a condition that well exceeds expectations.

I don’t wish an event like this event to happen to others.But when
it does its good to have experienced people on your team to deal
with a situation like a total loss fire.

I understand the efficiency and quality of work that was completed
was due to Project coordinator MIke Rankin and Construction site
manager Mike Amstadt. Our association is happy to give Sid Grinker
an excellent review for any future projects that you will aquire.


Scott Antczak
Poplar Creek II Condo President


Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 10:18 AM

mikerankin@sidgrinker.comTo: Mike Rankin <>

Subject: 6150 S. Creekside Dr. Poplar Creek II

Hi Mike,

Wayne and I would like to thank you, your team of contractors and Sid Grinker on the professional and courteous job you have done for us. The obstacles you had to overcome were tremendous and were handled very well by all. We truly enjoyed working with you and Mike Amstadt as well as the other contractors who were on site during the past year. It was certainly something none of us would want to go through again but your help and the help of your suppliers gave us a home we can be very proud of again. We would gladly recommend you and Sid Grinker to anyone who inquires about your services. We are so glad to have had your team working on our recovery issues. Wishing you and your team the best in the future and much success.


Wayne & Sheila Kitzerow