We appreciate that no one calls because they’re having a good day.

Whether someone has driven into your building or set it on fire, a lot of our initial process is the same.

But if you’re just checking this out planning ahead, good for you!

We appreciate your thinking ahead and would love to help you plan for the “just in case” situations of property and facility management.

Planning Ahead

We’ve learned that planning ahead means different things to different people, so we are happy to work with you the way you want to work.

After 60 years of mostly a handshake at the beginning ending with a job well done, we don’t think it’s necessary.  But is nice for your team to know who to call and what to expect.

Our pre-incident planning can include a service agreement, preferred pricing, a list of your buildings or anything important to you.  We love to know your expectations and would be happy to share our experience and stories with you.

It generally starts with a conversation to get started, email


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