Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation, Air Quality Testing

When to call Sid Grinker

Recent building design and press has increased awareness in air quality concerns. When is it worth calling?

  • Your team is uncertain of best practices
  • Your tenant or client would be more comfortable with a third party expert
  • You are concerned about legal action

Reminders for Air Quality Management

  • Keep your buildings dry!

    • Run the exhaust fan
    • Fix roof leaks
    • Caulk windows
    • Eliminate plumbing leaks
  • Keep your buildings clean

    • Mold will grow on dust
    • Air movement is beneficial

What Happens When You Call?

While we understand every call is important, mold concerns are not always urgent. We’ll want to get an understanding of your needs and timeline, and then we’ll either head over or schedule a time depending on what’s best for the situation.

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